Team 3000

David Robertson

Managing Director

I joined Kenham in 2014 with 35 years in the building industry – 30 of which were spent as a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). I brought with me solid experiences of running all types of building programmes from small developments to 200,000sqft mega projects.

I believe a friendly, approachable, and professional attitude helps to build successful working relationships, internally as well as outside the company. I’m extremely proud that I’ve developed and lead an excellent team that’s infused with positivity and a can-do attitude. Together we will make sure Kenham continues to stand out in our field for professionalism, quality, and for providing a unique and friendly service to our customers.

Outside of work I contrast my passion for driving fast cars with playing golf, and gardening. And I also enjoy DIY!

Joshua Schumann

Business & Development Manager

I joined Kenham as a junior in 2014 to handle procurement Since then my role has been constantly expanding and changing, and I’m now considered an expert in saving clients money through value engineering.

I’ve been described as the backbone of the company, and colleagues tell me I have a talent for fixing almost any problem. But perhaps the best moments at work comes when I view our completed projects and I know we have delighted the client.

Inside and outside work, I have a keen interest in technology and I use it to ensure Kenham is at the forefront of the latest industry practices.

When I’m not behind my desk, I exchange my shirt for lycra, as I’m likely to be doing some form of Ironman training which is my passion!

Karol Dujczynski

Project Manager

I joined Kenham in 2016 as an assistant quantity surveyor and followed the path to become a project manager. The roll involves taking responsibility for the management of the design process, coordinating the design team, dealing with specialist sub-contractors, and also looking after cost control. All in all means I become very involved in the projects.

With over a decade of experience in the building industry, I have had plenty of time to acquire a large amount of experience to thwart any situation. Added to this a very keen eye for detail has made me a very suitable candidate to be a project manager. With a quietly confident, determined and easy-going personality, I always find and pursue the best possible solutions for any new challenge.

Outside of the office I am a father to a very argumentative young lady and a very active little boy, therefore I have no time to waste; but in my spare time, I enjoy cruising on my motorbike, hiking through nature, my awesome collection of classic vinyl’s and an interested in photography.

Ewa Katarzyna Pindel

Accounts Manager

I joined Kenham as an accounts assistant and have risen to accounts manager, and I’m very proud to be a member of the team.

It’s my responsibility to make sure the company’s accounts are kept up-to-date and run smoothly and efficiently. That includes managing all financial transactions and banking, spotting and rectifying discrepancies, and of course making sure suppliers and business expenses are paid on time.

Fortunately, I’m a very organised person by nature and so I am able to stay on top of my work!

I’m a busy mum to three lovely girls, but when I get some time to myself, I like to relax with a good book.

Kamil Kotowski

Health and Safety Coordinator

I’ve been with Kenham since 2008 and have worked my way up through the company, learning as much as possible about every aspect of construction as I’ve progressed.

My current role is to insure each site operates safely and is compliant with health and safety regulations. I’m also responsible for training my Kenham colleagues in health and safety procedures – both on sites and within head office.

I’m always willing to help and to resolve any problems that might crop up.

Outside of work I love to travel, and I’m really into technology and design, which I explore through video-making and photography. I also enjoy watching sport and going to the cinema.