Navigating a Themed Design Scheme

Interior design10 03 2020, by Amelia Cheek


If you decide its time for a bit of a spring clean and a redecorating project, maybe it’s time to think outside the box and explore designing a space, or multiple spaces following a specific theme. And we don’t mean any normal grey/white theme, what we had in mind was much more creative and explosive. It’s the best excuse to really go headfirst into a theme that you love and make it as authentic and personal as possible.

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Take Cara Delevingne’s jungle themed house in LA, which is an exceptional example of a themed design scheme, with each room following the jungle theme but in a different way so it doesn’t feel over egged, it’s definitely exaggerated but doesn’t feel too in your face. It’s the perfect balance of quirky and super cool.

It is often a dangerous trap you can fall into when in the beginning phases of brainstorming, there is always the tendency of getting over excited and letting the theme run away from you and suddenly you’ve bought everything you see that you think fits, but you‘ve really just ended up with a hot mess.

Using the jungle themed house as an example, going bold with a few big items can go a long way and conveys what you are trying to go for without overloading the senses at every turn. And it’s also a big tip to be consistent with your theme and to really stay true to it. For this jungle example, staying consistent and true means exploring what materials are used in the jungle and using them as finishes and embellishments. Using bamboo, rattan and natural fabrics and accessories takes it to the next level. Whereas if you used chrome or cement finishes it would look weird and wrong. When going down the theme route you must commit, have a strong vision and do your research!

Deciding to follow a theme is a great opportunity to have fun with design and really push your ideas. Going for a wallpaper you would normally never consider or an interesting piece of furniture that stands out will really transform a room and act as a great starting point to build and develop your theme from.

It might be a bit of an unorthodox way of getting your creative juices flowing, but a good place to start looking for inspiration is in themed children’s bedrooms. This is a great space for people to let their imaginations run away with them, because it’s for kids so you have more creative freedom, no idea is too small or too crazy. Another creative flare is kids normally like to have some sort of input which escalates the fantasy and fun further. By looking at creative children’s room you can find many bits and pieces you like and apply them to your own theme but make it a bit more grown up.

Remember that picking a theme doesn’t have to mean an explosion of colour, but it can also be a toned-down theme like going bohemian or trying to achieve a desert style minimal effect. If anything, the more stripped back the theme, the more authentic and precise you have to be because you don’t have anywhere to hide.

Another point to remember is whatever theme you decide, you must really like it and think about the emotion and energy you will feel whilst being in that room, as once it’s finished you don’t really want to have to go through the whole process all over again. Or maybe you do, everyone can change their minds! It’s also a good idea to not be fooled or sucked in by current trends. You might love one and think surely it will remain popular for ages, but this is often not the case and trends can be seen to be very tacky very quickly once a new trend comes along. And true design style is about forging your own path and following your design instincts, not being an interior sheep constantly trying to keep up.