Seasonal Switch Up

Interior design22 10 2019, by Amelia Cheek

Rain Summer

When I first started writing this, my intro was going to say something about summer nearly being over but we’re still holding on etc etc… Well I think we can now safely confirm that summer is a thing of the past and our main reality now is rain. Lots and lots of rain. However, we are pushing past that fact and focusing on the building excitement that as far as we’re concerned a new season in the year means only one thing, it’s time to redecorate our homes!

Things are not so bleak after all, and we welcome the opportunity to switch up our colour schemes and get cuddled up and cosy.


Whether you’re one to follow trends or go down your own design path, there’s guaranteed to be elements of every seasonal change to relish and enjoy for the coming months.

With the beginning of a new season, we find it can either go one of two ways, you stick to your comfort zone of styles and return to the familiar, or you dare to change the game and try something you normally wouldn’t. Stay the same or be different, we salute you!

We know famously winter is encapsulated with warm autumnal tones or a more neutral palette, but this year, things seem to be going in a slightly different direction… think loud, think eccentric, think black kitchens!

AC/DC had it right, we’re back in black, hadn’t you heard?


The colours we’re most excited about this winter are ones that might surprise you; peacock blue and purple! Finally a colour combination to give the classic green and red a run for their money! Whether you want to embrace a whole room of colour or just take elements to compliment warmer tones is up to you. Don’t be so quick to judge though, step outside your comfort zone for a hot second and discover not all autumnal and winter tones have to solely be mustard, burgundy and tan.

So, peacock blue. For a lover of blue, I would happily cover a whole room in it, matching it with gold accessories or toning it down with more muted natural shades. You might think the colour is quite cold and stark but paired with warm earthy tones it really sings and feels like a gentle, friendly hug. Imagine a whole wall of peacock blue against a roaring fireplace on the cold winter nights, that seems quite magical to me!

On the other hand, if the idea of a whole room of peacock blue terrifies you, and you’d rather just dip your toe in a hint of bird feathers, you could pick out a few subtle pieces like cushions or an armchair to reference the colour but not be too overbearing.

Following on the theme of more subdued concepts, we can’t not talk about the constant winter winner which is neutrals! It might look very one dimensional and like it’s all the same colour, but with a few clever tweaks it can be very dynamic, and you can create lots of interesting layers. Top tip: Adding plants is always a simple yet brilliant idea and will add a splash of colour to break up the palette and make the whole place come alive. We find using natural materials works the best to achieve this look as they are very organic and the added texture really breaks up the beige.


If you’re feeling a bit braver this winter and want to create a more intimate atmosphere in your home, somewhere that immediately surrounds and welcomes you, somewhere you might start calling your boudoir to guests, even though it's still just your living room!

Why not try having a purple moment?

To achieve a rich, warm sensation we would recommend going to the darker side of the colour card. These can be combined with indulgent creams with warm under tones if you wish to create a feature wall, or you can dare to clash and choose to mix the purple with a peachy colour or warm red. We believe this dark purple is special and gives us lots of winter festivity feels. We can practically taste and smell the mulled wine already.

Now, what were we saying about AC/DC earlier…? Oh yes, back in black kitchens!

Kitchen designers have seen a big increase in boldness of colour (yes we're counting black as a colour) compared to previous years. Black is giving us sophisticated; it’s giving us mystery; it’s giving us not another boring kitchen! It gives you lots of opportunities to play around with accessories to create pops of colour that are really enhanced. Whether you pair black cabinets with a white marble counter top or go with sleek wood it is guaranteed to look very sexy. Or if you want to be extra edgy, why not go full force and try matte on matte, black on black! Pairing the black with chrome or metallic handles and tap wear will give the kitchen-scape extra style and substance.

Whichever trend you like the best, it’s sure to be a fun journey planning your own seasonal switch up. We would encourage you to think big and go bold because, why not! But at the same time taking any element, big or small from these concepts would be fun, fresh and perfect for going into winter. So, explore the possibilities and don’t hold back. If you need any help with your idea’s or don’t know where to get started, the Kenham team are here to help and guide your every wild wish!