The Wonder of Wallpaper

Interior design21 04 2020, by Amelia Cheek

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It’s time for a switch up ladies and gentlemen. Anyone else getting a bit fed up of their makeshift home office/kitchen table/cushion in the corner? After an extended period of time in the same space it is bound to be draining motivation and killing productivity, so I have been thinking about what would be a great, simple idea to make an area more exciting, as efficiently but effectively as possible. My main idea? Wallpaper! Obviously, a full-on room transformation isn’t ideal or very practical at the moment, so the best bet is to keep everything in the room the same and make the walls different.

I really encourage everyone to have a go at this, give yourself a challenging DIY project and to be as brave as possible. There are lots of helpful videos on how to do it correctly online which I would definitely recommend you get yourself acquainted with first. Remember, measure twice, cut once!

Paradise Lost  Interior By Abh Interiors 1

Be brave, be bold. It might just be the best risk you’ve taken within your home.

The environment you spend the majority of your time in has the most profound impact on your mood and your subconscious wellbeing. So, finding ways to switch things up and make you feel better and with a new lease of life is very important and extremely satisfying.

The beauty of wallpaper is that there are so many patterns, shapes and colours that you have the flexibility to be as creative and crazy as you want! Bring nature in with forests, explore a world of tropical birds and plants or large murals of nature landscapes. If we can’t see them in real life, we’ll bring them to us.

Flamingos  Photography By Douglas Friedman 2

Another aspect to consider when selecting wallpaper is what colours you want to use, if you want to create a calming environment then a shade of green is a good base colour to go for. Or if you’d rather a more cheerful mood yellow or light oranges would be a good option to pick. But be careful, because wallpaper has more colours going on than paint, make sure the colours aren’t overwhelming, and you might like one strip of wallpaper but consider what its going to look like with a whole wall of that repeated pattern. A quick way to check how it looks, is either find a sample image of the wallpaper already in use, or if you’re looking online, just copy and paste a few of the same images next to each other to see what it will look like.

Also think about what furniture and accessories you have in the same you want to change as you don’t want it to clash horribly, so consider what will compliment and add, rather than detract and distract.

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If you don’t want to wallpaper a main room then think about which smaller rooms you have in your house, such as a spare bedroom or study, or maybe even a bathroom. At the Kenham HQ we’ve recently had a bit of a facelift and office redesign, and to break up the professional feel of the main rooms, we went for a contrast in the bathroom. Using Emma J Shipley wallpaper to create a moody, eccentric feel paired with Victorian style sanitary ware and accessories, it made for an exciting point of difference and something for our clients and visitors to remember!

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All images except for last are sourced from the De Gournay website.